Sunday, May 10, 2015


Phoebe kitty came to our location at Pet Supplies Plus E. Amherst about a week ago.  She was a stray rescue who had been surrendered to the Niagara County SPCA.  Ten Lives Club works with various shelters and rescue organizations in the area and takes in cats and kittens in overcrowded situations.

Unfortunately, as with most stray kitties who come to us, we don't know much about her circumstances prior to coming to the Ten Lives Club shelter.  Only that she had ended up at the Niagara County SPCA which was overwhelmed with too many homeless kitties.

Whatever Phoebe's life had been prior to coming into our group of kitties, it didn't keep her personality from shining through!  She is a super sweet, friendly girl who loves to "talk" and an absolute doll!  From the shape of her face - kind of diamond-shaped - and her talkative nature, I think she must have a little Siamese mixed in somewhere.   

Mary, who is a volunteer at our location, contacted last me week that she was interested in adopting Phoebe.  I was overjoyed!  Phoebe had only been with us since April 23 - a little over a week, so this was wonderful news.  Many times, black kitties are the last to be adopted and we already have another black kitty - Kelley Anne - who had come in a couple of days before Phoebe.  I hadn't had a call about either one yet.

I met Mary at Pet Supplies Plus to finalize Phoebe's adoption on Friday, May 6.  Phoebe AKA Collette, walked right into her crate & was more than ready to go HOME!  She wouldn't stop talking the entire time!  I'm sure she realized what was happening and excited to be going to her forever home with Mary.  She will have a new brother who will be happy to have a playmate.  Of course Phoebe - who's new name is Collette - will be thoroughly spoiled!  

I like to give a "goody bag" with each adoption and I just happened to have a pink & black leopard print collar for Phoebe.  I thought it would be the perfect color for her so Mary had a sparkly pink ID tag made for her before she left the store.